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Afex Incontinence Management System – High Style for Active Daytime Use




Afex® Incontinence Management System offers a discreet and comfortable way for men to manage moderate to severe urinary leakage often associated with healing from prostate removal and other bladder leakage issues. Afex® in an innovative cost effective  alternative to external catheter’s,  adult diapers and disposable pads. The system comes in a kit with everything you will need to get started.
The Afex® Management System with the High Style Receptacle is ideal for men who may be more active or stand for long periods of time. The high style receptacle is also recommended for bed time use provided the patient has the required penis length of one inch or more. The receptacle is designed with a double wall to prevent urine back flow and prevent skin rash. It is latex, adhesive and pressure free.

The Afex® Kit includes:

  •  Boxer Brief, made of 96 percent premium combed cotton
  •  High Style Receptacle with a flexible top that moves with your body.
  •  Collection Bag** (16 oz/500 ml)
  •  Cleaning Container
  •  Cleanser Solution (4 oz bottle)


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