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MMT-399 Quick-Set Infusion System, 6 mm/60 cm




The Quick-Set MMT-394, 6mm /60cm is designed for administering insulin subcutaneously using Paradigm MMT-712, Paradigm MMT-715, Paradigm Real Time MMT-522, Paradigm Real Time MMT-722 and Paradigm Veo MMT-754 insulin pumps. This kit uses a 6mm cannula (needle) and a 60cm catheter that are very well suited for children.

The soft Teflon cannula eliminates irritation as is the case with steel needles, and insertion at a 90 degree angle makes the procedure less painful. Each cannula has a sticky surface that securely holds the needle in place. It is not recommended to keep one needle in place for more than 3 days. Installation can be done manually or with a special Quick-serter device.


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