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Satellite piercing pen




The finger piercing pen is complete with universal lancets with a square base.

Automatic finger piercing pen “Satellite” from Russian company “ELTA” will provide painless finger piercing to take capillary blood for analysis when you need regular control of sugar levels at home.

Advantages of the only finger piercing pen produced in Russia:

adjustable depth of puncture;
Ease of use and care;
availability of consumables;
hypoallergenic materials of the body.
Blood sampling is performed before meals and insulin injection and, if necessary, 2 hours after a meal. To clean the handle, wipe the outside of the case with alcohol or soapy water.

The Satellite finger piercing pen comes with a 1-year warranty.

Autolet “Satellite” Automatic Scarifier Pen; Designed for convenient individual use of scarifiers when taking a blood sample from a finger of the hand.


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